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Jeffrey Garcia, owner of   Perception Dynamics
NLP Practitioner, Non Verbal Communications Trainer
Educational Coach in Group Dynamics


Jeffrey Garcia brings years of wisdom and training in human
communication science to the public. He has been trained by some of the
best trainers in the Neurology Science of human communications. This
includes the fields of Neuro dynamics and non verbals and human profiling

Jeffrey has also developed a new perception science that has never been
taught anywhere in the world. This new science involves the area of non
verbal communications called micro perception cues (MPC). Mico fast facial
and body mico movements and their meanings. For the first time we can now
understand these movements and what we do with ourselves that effect others
that we are communicating with. Until now the area of non verbals were all
labeled at a macro level which means this is what we think is going on based
on these non verbals and label them with adjectives. With MPC you don't use
adjectives to label non verbals you use exact verbiage to the non verbal moves.
It can't be debunked because when someone tries to debunk it, they start to do
these non verbal cues in front of you!!

Jeffrey Has also developed at a micro level a new profiling science that can't
be debunked. It a science of facial measurements that determine a persons decision
and motivation strategies plus body movements that tell you about a persons level
of processing information and levels of higher iq between people.

Today he is the President and owner of a consulting business called
Perception Dynamics located in Grand Rapids, Michigan and in San Antonio Texas
Jeffrey helps businesses, organizations and individuals understand and utilize non verbal
communications in their surroundings.

Perception Dynamics consults in sales, presentations skills, education,
counseling, health, addictions, human resources, personal & spiritual
growth, AI, and behavior management.

If you’re looking for a better understanding and a clearer definition
of communication in the environment in which you live, then Jeffrey Garcia
can give you what you’re looking for. He can scientifically prove what he
teaches in the area of human communications.

Intrigue and fun will be brought to the training room and research labs

Part 2 The Science Behind Micro Communication

Jeffrey Garcia teaches the true science of non verbal communications at
a micro level. He gives definitions to body language cues such as eye
accessing cues, breathing cues, gesture cues, face reading, profiling
a person's motivations, language cues, and body postures. These definitions
are at a micro Perception and are not trained in any areas of the world.

Most non verbal training's are at a macro perception. This means at a
psychological level or big level; what a person perceives by viewing
external gestures. Often, what is perceived is then labeled and this
concludes observation or diagnosis. Micro perception, which is a more
precise analysis, includes what is going on in the inner-self a to define
their external actions.

Target Audience.
Education, businesses, Individuals, Presenters, Speakers, Hospitals,
Government agencies,sports athletes, Training Schools and anyone interested in non verbal
communications. Artificial Intelligent research schools and businesses
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